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How To Make Hawaiian Bread Pudding [LIVE]

terramere jewelryYou know what the hardest part of going on live TV is? Figuring out what to wear.

When you’re on TV, there’s a long list of of wardrobe Do’s and Don’ts. Like, for starters, no black – which happens to be about 99.8% of my wardrobe. White is also off limits, as is patterned materials. And the Do’s? Bright colors and eye-catching jewelry. So, I was really excited to partner with jewelry designer Terramere for my latest segment. The necklace and earring set I sported was so gorgeous that I knew it would do the talking. And can you blame me? Bling, bling! From pearls to precious stones, Terramere has a huge variety of beautiful and unique jewelry, all handmade by the talented Teri Nowak. Continue reading


How to Make Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake [LIVE]

am northwest

You haven’t lived until you’ve burned a recipe on national TV. Or so they say. Luckily, I can check that off my list.  Continue reading


How to make Banh Mi Sandwiches [LIVE]

live cooking segment

Once a month, I get to take over the kitchen at AM Northwest, our local Portland morning show. This month’s segment was all about Easter leftovers, so naturally I had to share my recipe for Ham and Hard Boiled Egg Banh Mi – a nontraditional but totally delicious take on the classic Vietnamese sandwich. The recipe was a hit with the studio crew, so I think it’s safe to call it a winner. So what are you waiting for? Watch the segment live here! Continue reading


How To Make Spicy Tuna Rolls [VIDEO]

katu news am northwest

Every month, I’m reminded how quickly 6 minutes can go by during my AM Northwest cooking segments. And yesterday’s segment was no different. I swear I’ve never made Spicy Tuna Rolls so fast! Thankfully I stepped onto set super-caffeinated, and cranked through it like a champ. I knew the recipe would be a hit when the production crew started congregating around the kitchen set as we were wrapping up.

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How to Make Pineapple Cheesecake [VIDEO]

Remember how nervous I was before last month’s cooking segment on AM Northwest? Well, I must have done OK, but I was invited back to be a monthly guest. Ha, fooled ’em.

I was back in the studio today, teaching the crew how to make my Aunty Hao’s Pineapple Cheesecake. If you missed it, you can watch it right here. We ran out of time toward the end of the segment, but I can assure you I watched host Dave eat the entire slice before his next set.

Success! Hope you love it, too.

Marisa AMNW


Lettuce Wraps and my TV debut! [VIDEO]

AM Northwest

I’m no stranger to the radio, but I had my first television appearance today. I didn’t fall on my face or say anything too ridiculous, so I consider it a major success!

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