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How To Make Hawaiian Bread Pudding [LIVE]

terramere jewelryYou know what the hardest part of going on live TV is? Figuring out what to wear.

When you’re on TV, there’s a long list of of wardrobe Do’s and Don’ts. Like, for starters, no black – which happens to be about 99.8% of my wardrobe. White is also off limits, as is patterned materials. And the Do’s? Bright colors and eye-catching jewelry. So, I was really excited to partner with jewelry designer Terramere for my latest segment. The necklace and earring set I sported was so gorgeous that I knew it would do the talking. And can you blame me? Bling, bling! From pearls to precious stones, Terramere has a huge variety of beautiful and unique jewelry, all handmade by the talented Teri Nowak. Continue reading