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How To Make Spicy Tuna Rolls [VIDEO]

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Every month, I’m reminded how quickly 6 minutes can go by during my AM Northwest cooking segments. And yesterday’s segment was no different. I swear I’ve never made Spicy Tuna Rolls so fast! Thankfully I stepped onto set super-caffeinated, and cranked through it like a champ. I knew the recipe would be a hit when the production crew started congregating around the kitchen set as we were wrapping up.

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Spicy Tuna Hand Rolls

spicy tuna hand rolls

I talk a lot about comfort food. Because part of being food obsessed a food blogger is having that deep connection to food beyond simply fueling our bodies. It’s about being both curious and excited about food. Having a connection – culturally, symbolically, figuratively, to every bite.

Homemade sushi is totally comfort food to me. We had “sushi night” in our house about once a week with a variety of ingredients laid out, taco-bar style. But my favorite ingredient was always spicy tuna. It didn’t hurt that the ingredients were top notch. It easy and inexpensive to get the most beautiful ahi tuna steaks in the islands. For my first few years here in the Pacific NW, I tended to stay away from raw fish in my sushi. But I recently learned about the brilliance of flash freezing, which helps keep fish – like ahi and salmon – in sashimi-grade tact. And side note if you’re a sushi newbie: you definitely only want to use sashimi-grade fish if you’re planning to eat it raw. Just take my word for it.

spicy tuna hand rollahi tuna

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