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Shamrock Smoothie

Shamrock Smoothie

I’ve spent way too much time on Pinterest this week. Besides feeling like I need to redecorate our bedroom, organize the kitchen shelves and buy a new Spring wardrobe – I was also bombarded with pictures of all things mint-chocolate (Thin Mints!). Besides Lucky Charms Treats (which I shared earlier this week), one of my favorite guilty pleasures of St. Patrick’s Day is the Shamrock Shakes that appear. Like, everywhere.  So I did what any Pinterest-obsessed person would do. I jumped into my car and drove to the grocery store. Because, why buy 1 shake from your local fast food restaurant when you can buy enough ingredients to make shakes all week long? We’re on the same page here, right?

Shamrock Smoothie

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Lucky Charms Treats


Lucky Charms Rice Crispy Treats

One of my favorite things about food is that it can instantly transport you to a different place or time. When I drink a tropical cocktail, I can close my eyes and nearly feel the Hawaiian sunshine – even on the most rainy day here in Portland. And then there’s Rice Crispy Treats smothered in Lucky Charms cereal. I don’t know about you, but these two treats were probably my two favorite things about childhood. So mashed together? It’s a magical blast from the past. And just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. 

st patricks day brownies and/or mint chocolate chip smoothie and/or green marshmallows with baileys OR lucky charms rice crispie treats

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Leprechaun Kiwi Drop

Leprechaun Kiwi Drop
 I’m not a huge fan of green beer. Or whisky. So on St. Patrick’s Day, I opt into drinking my own green concoction. I call it the Leprechaun Kiwi Drop. It’s an Irish cocktail gone tropical. Ok, it’s actually not Irish at all. In fact, there’s nothing traditional about it. But I’m Irish and I drink what I want.
Leprechaun Kiwi Drop
Leprechaun Kiwi Drop
On a side note – Sam and I both have dark-ish complexions, but we’re both part-Irish and occasionally get red hairs. Does this mean we could have a red-haired child? Weird.
How are you celebrating St. Patty’s?
[Note: Sam doesn’t love pulp OR kiwis, and was not a fan of this drink. I’d recommend straining the seeds and pureeing as finely as possible if you have a similarly strange aversion.]
Leprechaun Kiwi Drops
Serves 1

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3 ripe kiwis, peeled and cubed
1/2 lime
1/2 tsp lime zest
1 tsp sugar
1 oz rum

Blend kiwis in food processor until smooth and frothy. Add to shaker along with juice from lime and several ice cubes and shake. In a small bowl, mix together sugar and lime zest, and pour onto a flat plate. Next, run the used lime along the rim of a martini glass and dip in the sugar mixture. Pour cocktail into glass and enjoy!

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