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Baby Essentials: 3-6 months

3-6 months baby essentials

I know it’s totally cliche, but I can’t believe how quickly Kai is growing up. He’s now 11 months (yup, E L E V E N), and it’s somewhat mind-blowing to think that we’ll have a walking, talking one-year old shortly. Eek!

When Kai was still a newborn, I rounded up a list of all our most-used newborn baby essentials. Since then I’ve shared the list with many of my new-momma friends. But now that we’re pretty far past that stage and in a totally different place as parents (feeling more confident and having more fun too, might I add), I thought it’d be helpful to share some of the other essential baby items we couldn’t have lived without. The 3-6 (ish) month necessities are listed below. I know, I know… I’m constantly playing catch up. Story of my life now, guys. Continue reading


20 Newborn Essentials

newborn baby essentials

After a major health scare and emergency surgery, I’m soooo happy to report that Kai turns four-weeks old today – and is doing GREAT. Sam and I, on the other hand, are still recovering from such an emotional rollercoaster! Speaking of which, we are so appreciative of all of the support we got – both in real life and on social media. Your support and love means the world and helped us get through a very tough time. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Being a mommy for four weeks does not make me a baby expert. But I do feel like I’ve learned quite a bit after our short time with this little dude. Before he was born, I found lots of mixed messages online about what you need vs. don’t need in the first few months of baby’s life. The diapers and wipes, car seat, and adorable little outfits are obvious. But let’s be clear: you’ll need a lot more stuff to help you survive the newborn stage! While it’s all very fresh in my mind, I’ve put together a roundup of our most loved items these past few weeks. Every baby is different, but here’s a look at what’s worked for us: Continue reading


Watermelon Roundup!

watermelon round up

Watermelon is, hands down, one of the highlights of summer. I’ve been known to eat way too much watermelon in one siting. But today I have the perfect excuse. Why? It’s National Watermelon Day!  And what better way to celebrate than with a roundup of all things watermelon? From a little online shopping to backyard seed-spitting contests, I hope you enjoy this extra special (albeit untraditional) holiday. I promise I will.

watermelon round upwatermelon round upwatermelon round up

1) Tank from Revolve Clothing, 2) Earrings from Francescas, 3) Watermelon Nail Polish from Essie, 4) Flats from ModCloth, 5) iPhone case from Society6, 6) Watermelon Art, 7) Beach Umbrella, 8) Bowls from Urban Outfitters, 9) Ice cream cone wrappers from Design Eat Repeat, 10) Wrapping Paper from Dreamsicle Sisters, 11) Balloons, 12) Paper Bowls from Etsy, and title: Watermelon Cake from Bondville



Patriotic Must-Haves

Patriotic Must-Haves

Get out your finest red, white, and blue gear, people! We’ve got Memorial Day AND 4th of July right around the corner. Which means, summa summa summa time is almost here too. Technically summer doesn’t start in Oregon until after the 4th of July – it’s just the way it is. Up until then we plan picnics and camping trips with a chance of rain. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

It’s important to remember what these holidays symbolize in the first place – and sometimes a few new party favors helps with the celebrations. So, whether you’re planning fireworks, a BBQ or simply a mellow 3-day weekend, I hope you have a very patriotic Memorial Day Weekend! Continue reading


Aloha Friday

Napua Hawaii

I’m starting a new weekly column I call Aloha Friday – so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss ’em.

Here’s the deal. Between my day job and my blogging, I spend waaay too much time online each day. So naturally I see some really awesome stuff (and lots of really strange stuff, too).

Aloha Friday is all about saying aloha (goodbye) to the week, and aloha (hello) to the weekend. So let’s kick it off with a glimpse at the best of the internet lately. Continue reading


Valentine’s Day Roundup

Last week Sam’s grandma passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. A few days later, the snow started falling in Portland. And it hasn’t stopped. So while Portland experiences “snowpocolypse” (the first big snow fall in six years!), we’ve flown south to sunny Los Angeles to attend the service. It’s so cliche, but funerals are such a introspective experience. Listening to friends and family speak fondly about a loved one – and a life well spent – makes me wonder what the heck I’m doing with my life. 

Since I’m getting sappy on you anyway, let’s talk Valentine’s Day for a minute. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of this holiday or not, one thing’s for sure: it’s a great reminder for us to tell our nearest and dearest just how much we love them. If you do this every day anyway, then bravo. The rest of us need a friendly prompt from time to time.

If you’re stuck in the snow like our friends back in Portland, enjoy some online Valentine’s Day shopping from your warm house – and stay safe out there!  

And, just for the record, I love y’all.

Valentine's Day Roundup Continue reading


Healthy Recipe Roundup

We’re a week and a half into the new year. How are those resolutions coming along? Raise your hand if you skipped a workout this week to watch The Bachelor and eat ice cream. Just me? Okaaay.

Luckily, I have some healthy recipes to fall back on. I don’t believe in “diet” food, so these recipes are actual meals (not just, like, a pile of lettuce). So go on and save these recipes for the days where you: 1) don’t know what to cook, or 2) feel like ordering greasy Chinese food. I promise you’ll thank me. Until next week when I publish a really delish cupcake recipe. I’m sorry – I just can’t help myself!

Healthy Meal Ideas Continue reading


Welcoming a new year with Aloha


Aloha means many things, from “love” to both “hello” and “goodbye.” In many ways, aloha seems like the perfect word to use on the first day of the new year, as we look optimistically ahead to the adventures that await, while saying goodbye to the fond memories of the previous year. Despite the ups and downs that most years seem to hold, I’m proud to look back at 2013 fondly. Here’s a glimpse at my top ten memories from the year:  Continue reading


Recipe Roundup 2013 {best of the blog}

The trippiest part of having a blog is being able to look back at your year… in meals. Boy did I eat a ton of great food! I was recently asked to do a roundup of my top recipes from 2013, and just had to re-share the list. From delectable desserts to healthy dinner ideas, these top viewed posts are also some of the most frequently used recipes in my kitchen. It’s so great when we’re on the same page. And on that note, thanks for all the continued support and views! I heart y’all. Big time.

Now without further ado, here’s a look at the most viewed Margaritas In The Rain recipes from 2013. Do you have a favorite? Let’s hear it!


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