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Kai’s birth story

birth story

Before Kai was born, I was 110% sure that I would NOT share his birth story on the blog. It felt incredibly personal, and I figured that not all of you lovely readers would actually be interested in all of the, um, intimate details.

But then Kai was born, and we battled some health problems right off the bat. At first we weren’t too concerned, but at just over 2 weeks old, he was rushed into emergency surgery for a twisted intestines. The surgery went perfectly and Kai is recovering tremendously well – but it changed my perspective on the whole thing. Our little peanut seemed like even more of a miracle after surviving the ordeal. And I knew I had to share the story (even if only for my own documentation). So… here it is. 

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Gender Reveal! It’s a …

Hawaii Gender Reveal

Confession time. We’ve known the gender of our little one for over a month now. I know – I’ve been holding out on you! As much as I couldn’t wait to share the good news, I was consumed with a few other things. Like, Sam finally moving to Hawaii. Christmas and the craziness that the holiday brings. And starting the process of planning for this little peanut. Turns out we kicked it off a little late, and now we’re playing catch up. 

Anywho, despite the fact that I was 110% sure this little nugget was a girl, the doctor confirmed that she is definitely a he. So we’re welcoming a little dude this Spring! Oh boy. Here comes trouble!

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No margaritas for 9 months.

 Lemonade Hawaii

Actually, I guess it’s more like 6 months. Because, I’m already 3 months pregnant. With a small pooch to prove it.

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