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Spicy Tofu Poke Bowls

spicy tofu poke bowl

There are several food trends that hit Hawaii long before they made it to the mainland. Like Bubble Tea. Acai Bowls. And most recently, Poke Bowls.

Poke – which is essentially a raw fish salad – has been a long-time staple in Hawaii. It’s traditionally made with chunks of fresh-caught ahi tuna, but nowadays it’s common to find poke in a variety of different seafood and flavors. No matter what the combination, poke is easy to find at grocery stores or even as an appetizer at most local restaurants.

Recently the poke game was bumped up a level with genius invention of poke bowls. Poke bowls are simply poke served over rice. You guessed it, in a bowl. It’s more of a meal than an appetizer, but however you eat it, it’s delicious. It’s no wonder that poke bowls are served just about anywhere in Hawaii these days. Continue reading