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Kai’s First Birthday Party

camping themed birthday party

And just like that, Kai turned one.

First birthday parties in Hawaii are a big deal, so naturally we threw a huge party for our friends and family. Somewhere along the lines we decided on a camping-themed party, and went all-out making decorations (most of which we never got photos of during the party, whoops!). We served chili and cornbread, smore’s mix, and of course, cake! Continue reading


Baked Vietnamese Chicken Wings

Baked Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings

Whether you’re a Portlander or not, odds are you’ve heard of Pok Pok; a restaurant that took the foodie scene by storm in 2001 when it opened its doors. Owner Andy Ricker has since opened several more locations – including one in NYC – and won a prestigious James Beard for his innovative restaurant. Everything on the menu is drool-worthy, but Pok Pok’s most famous dish is the Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings. Don’t let the name scare you. These chicken wings are crack on a bone. So when I stumbled upon the recipe last month, I put it up on the refrigerator to make for Super Bowl.

Except that, naturally I couldn’t wait. Only, I made a slight modification: I baked these chicken wings instead of deep frying them. Because wings that are baked are practically healthy, yes? Yes. And  I promise, it doesn’t sacrifice flavor or crunch. Can’t you just see the crispiness in these photos. I’m getting hungry just editing this post.

Baked Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings Baked Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings

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Hawaiian Chex Mix

Hawaiian Chex Mix

No matter who you’re going to route for this Super Bowl, we can all agree on one thing: game day foods are tres important. It’s crucial to have the nourishment to sustain you for hours of screaming, and enough carbs to soak up one too many beers. Game day food isn’t supposed to be good for you. It’s supposed to be highly addictive and fun. And that’s exactly what Hawaiian Chex Mix is.

hawaiian chex mix

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Decadent Coconut Cake

Coconut Cake

Let me tell you about what a great wife I am.

I found a delicious-looking Coconut Cake recipe in Bon Appetit, just in time for Sam’s birthday. I purchased all the ingredients (which required going to THREE groceries stores due to poor planning on my end). I made the cake. I frosted the sucker. And then? I remembered that my husband, who is not allowed to eat dairy or gluten, wouldn’t be able to eat this dairy-covered-gluten-filled cake. Epic fail.

With hours left until his birthday party, I whipped together some vegan and gluten-free cupcakes from a box of cake mix, frosted with whipped coconut milk. I was pleased with my quick fix, but felt horrible about the beautiful cake that sat on our counter, taunting him.

All I can say is – at least one of us was able to enjoy this decadent treat! The cake recipe is great, but the frosting is killer. The combination of cream cheese, lime and rum blend together really well. Let’s just say that I ate about half of it out of the bowl while the cake was cooling. And will probably be making it again soon… this time, not for Sam.

{Happy birthday, sweetie!}

Coconut Cake

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Party like it’s Cinco de Mayo

Cinco De Mayo recipe roundupGiven the name of this blog, you’ve probably induced that I’m a big fan of Cinco de Mayo. And right you are my friends. In fact, here’s the photo booth evidence from one of our recent Cinco de Mayo parties:

And yes, those are homemade cardboard photo booth props made by my husband extraordinaire. But I digress. Whether you are going to go big or stay at home this Cinco de Mayo, you’ll want to check out this roundup of recipes.Homemade Infused TequilaBaked Margarita Donuts

Fruity White Sangria
Mini Rosemary Cornbread muffinsSouthwest Brown Rice Bowl
Baked Apple Empanadas
Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup
Frozen Lime Yogurt Mini Pies