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Kai’s birth story

birth story

Before Kai was born, I was 110% sure that I would NOT share his birth story on the blog. It felt incredibly personal, and I figured that not all of you lovely readers would actually be interested in all of the, um, intimate details.

But then Kai was born, and we battled some health problems right off the bat. At first we weren’t too concerned, but at just over 2 weeks old, he was rushed into emergency surgery for a twisted intestines. The surgery went perfectly and Kai is recovering tremendously well – but it changed my perspective on the whole thing. Our little peanut seemed like even more of a miracle after surviving the ordeal. And I knew I had to share the story (even if only for my own documentation). So… here it is. 

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Meet Kai

Introducing Kai

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you likely already know the good news. Exactly one week ago today, we welcomed our beautiful and spirited son into the world: Kai Matthew Guerrero. Although I’ve had every intention to post this announcement on the blog earlier, I guess I didn’t realize how… all consuming… these last few days would be. Those of you who have children can go ahead and laugh at me right now. It’s fine. I totally get it now. Newborns are a difficult bunch, but coupled with mom’s hormones, sleep deprivation and major physical healing after labor make it even more of a challenge. It’s a good thing they are so darn cute and snuggly! I have about a million photos on my iPhone of Kai already (I maaay be a little biased, but I think he’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen). I promise I’ll share some pics soon, but for now, I’ve gotta cash in on a nap while baby is sleeping. In the meantime, click on over here to read Kai’s birth story.

PS: Major props to my mom friends who suggested sleeping while baby sleeps. Makes a HUGE difference. Do you have any other parenting tips? Let’s hear them!