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Kauai Babymoon {in iPhone photos}

Last weekend we managed to squeeze in a 2-day getaway to Kauai. Here’s a look at some of the highlights:

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Honeymoon Part Three – Barcelona

The third and final stop on our European honeymoon was Barcelona. Spain was a relatively last-minute addition to our itinerary, and I’m so glad we added it on. 


Several friends of ours including the crew at Tender Loving Empire and our wedding photographers had raved about Barcelona. We made the decision to go without doing much research for ourselves. Talk about trust.

Not surprisingly, the city was absolutely amazing. It did not disappoint.


We spent the last leg of our honeymoon in the most ideal way: walking around a bustling-yet-tropical city in flip flops, overlooking views of both the ocean and jaw-dropping architecture, exploring markets, snacking on fruit and olives, sipping sangria, and most importantly, pre-planning our next vacation.


After two weeks of a truly incredible getaway, Sam and I reluctantly returned home to our busy lives. There were new jobs to start and laundry to do. 

Now that we’re home, we’ve replaced our daily pastries and baguette sandwiches with oatmeal and whole wheat sandwiches. And my sunburn tan is now starting to fade.

But Sam and I both know that we had a honeymoon for the books.


Honeymoon Part Two – Paris

When our time in London was up, we took the train to Paris.

London was a nice way to ease-in to our European adventure, but France holds a special place in my heart. I couldn’t wait to arrive in Paris. My grandmother is French, and I also studied abroad in France in college. From baguette sandwiches and kisses on the cheeks, to pastries for breakfast and to walking everywhere, I get France. 

There were a handful of things I was really looking forward to in Paris; things that aren’t the same back in the states. My list included: scarf shopping, buying fresh cheese from a fromagerie, picnic-ing, going on a socially acceptable all-carbs-no-vegetables diet, and of course, people watching. How do french women always look so good? Seriously. 

I knew it would be exciting to experience these things again. But you know what was even more amazing? 

Creating new memories in France with my husband. From literally locking in our love at the Pont de l’Archeveche, to catching sleeping security guards at world-famous museums; running into a “Keep Portland Weird” sign, to relying on a city map that was literally in shreds by our last day, here are some of my favorites: 


Honeymoon Part One – London

On our recent honeymoon, we flew from Portland to London (with a few stops in between). 

Sam was really nervous about the flight, which in turn made me really anxious. Fifteen (or more) hours flying up in the clouds seemed a little daunting. All I can say is, thank GOD for international flights that serve free wine and beer, and almost more importantly, for providing video players on the back of each chair. 

Sam watched dude movies, uninterrupted, for the entire flight. I swear I didn’t hear a peep from him. He was in heaven. And I quite enjoyed three back-to-back chick flicks without running commentary. Normally Sam is king of the spoiler alerts.

We were a little jet-lagged the first few days in London, but tried to power through it. I mean, we were in London. On our honeymoon. Things weren’t that rough.


From the Camden Market to the Tate Museum, we had a great time exploring the city. And although it would be a blast to see The Olympics live, we were thankful to leave right before the chaos officially began.


Honeymoon Bliss

Hi folks. I’m back. 
Did you notice I was gone for a few weeks? Two weeks, to be exact. 
I’m sorry I disappeared on you. I was busy honeymooning in Europe (!!!).

Now I’m back home, jetlagged and sunburned. It was the perfect trip.
Over the next few days, I’ll share some highlights from each leg of our trip: London, Paris, and Barcelona. Stay tuned.