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Salads In A Jar {for every day of the week!}

Salad In A Jar

Can we talk chores for a minute? And when I say talk, I mean, um, complain. 

Here’s the deal, guys. I don’t mind taking the dog out, cleaning the bathroom, or washing the car. But for some reason, I simply can’t stand packing lunches every morning before work. Especially before I’ve had any coffee. But because I’m: 1) frugal, and 2) trying to be healthy, I know I have to take this whole lunch-making job seriously. A few weeks back, I started making an effort to pack my lunch for the whole week on Sunday night. And while that might sound slightly crazy, I have to assure you that I’m not eating soggy sandwiches on Fridays. I’m eating salads. In jars. And it’s actually – dare I say it – a fun chore have. Continue reading


Lettuce Wraps and my TV debut! [VIDEO]

AM Northwest

I’m no stranger to the radio, but I had my first television appearance today. I didn’t fall on my face or say anything too ridiculous, so I consider it a major success!

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Healthy Recipe Roundup

We’re a week and a half into the new year. How are those resolutions coming along? Raise your hand if you skipped a workout this week to watch The Bachelor and eat ice cream. Just me? Okaaay.

Luckily, I have some healthy recipes to fall back on. I don’t believe in “diet” food, so these recipes are actual meals (not just, like, a pile of lettuce). So go on and save these recipes for the days where you: 1) don’t know what to cook, or 2) feel like ordering greasy Chinese food. I promise you’ll thank me. Until next week when I publish a really delish cupcake recipe. I’m sorry – I just can’t help myself!

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Morning Glory Muffins

When Monday arrives, Sam and I each hit the ground running. Between his teaching schedule and full time grad school program and my 40+ hour work week, volunteer hours spent with Share Our Strength, and blog research and writing – we don’t always have time for sit down meals (or even stand-up meals, for that matter).

I usually take time over the weekend to cook something healthy (a baked chicken, a pan of roasted vegetables, etc.) that will last for the next week during our busy mid-week schedules. This weekend I re-visited an old tried-and-true recipe that I hadn’t used in a while, Morning Glory Muffins from Cooking Light. These muffins are packed with yummy goodies like dried pineapple and dates, yogurt and flax seeds, and are guaranteed to get your week started with a kick!