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Holiday photoshoot at the beach

Although my full-time job and momma duties have kept me away from blogging as much as I’d like, we did manage to squeeze some time in for a family holiday photoshoot a few weeks back. Believe it or not, this was actually the first formal photoshoot we’ve ever had with Kai. The day was windy and not as sunny as we had hoped for, but Christie Pham Photography still managed to capture some gems (no surprise to us, given how much we loved our wedding pictures). We’ll treasure these forever!

From our home to yours, happy holidays and warm wishes.

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Finding Maggie.

staffordshire terrier pikingese

The craziest thing happened this weekend. We found Lola’s sister. 

What are the odds of that? And at a surprise birthday party for one of our neighbors, no less. The party was held at a park near our house, and we decided to bring Lola at the last minute. The birthday girl has a large family, and quite a few of them were at the party – including her cousin and his wife. As soon as we walked up to the party, she ran up to us and started asking questions about Lola. She explained that Lola looked exactly like her dog, Maggie. And neither of us had ever met a dog that looked like these two do. We started comparing notes. Lola and Maggie are the same age. Born in the same month. Adopted at the same (somewhat random) shelter.  With the exact same back story. Continue reading