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Coconut Rum Spiked S’more Hot Chocolate

 Koloa Coconut Rum S'more Cocktail

I don’t believe in wearing boots before October; and yet, I sported my knee-highs yesterday. See, it’s been pouring in Portland for days on end. Not a sunny, summery mist but a winter-like downpour. The sky is dark and even the pup, who always wants to be outside, would rather stay snuggled up on the couch. This is the time of year that I begin to remember why I started Margaritas In The Rain; because, sometimes the only thing a girl can do to cope with the rain is to keep calm and enjoy a tropical cocktail. 

I did something else out of the ordinary this week. I skipped over my list of Go To fruity cocktails like Lava Flows and Mango Margaritas, and opted for a warm cocktail. And not just any warm cocktail. A s’more-inspired hot chocolate beverage. Because let’s face it, that’s just how me and my crazy sweet tooth role. And I figured the only way I could top the chocolate-graham-marshmallow combination was to add a little dash of a lot of coconut rum. So I did. And whatd’ya know, my day was instantly a little better. Continue reading