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Coconut Milk Bubble Tea

coconut milk bubble tea

Often times, Hawaii is slow to catch up on trends. But one thing they’ve totally got the rest of y’all beat on is bubble tea.

It seems like there are a million bubble tea shops in Hawaii, and they serve all kinds of flavor combinations and all types of “bubbles,” or boba. Boba is essentially a tasteless, chewy tapioca-style jelly. They are pretty unappealing on their own, but paired with a sweet, refreshing beverage – and a large straw – and it becomes a super tasty treat. Plus, let’s be honest. Chewing AND drinking at the same time? So fun. Continue reading


Hawaiian Bread Pudding with Coconut Caramel Sauce

hawaiian bread pudding

Sunday night was “College Night” at the bar across from my college campus. After 10pm, students were given 50% off, and you’d better believe that it was always packed. While my fellow 21-and-olders were in it for half priced mixed drinks, I was committed to something else: discounted bread pudding. What can I say? I have my priorities.

To this day, I love a good bread pudding.Think about it: carbs + pudding + sugar. Honestly, what’s not to love? This Hawaiian Bread Pudding is definitely a winning combination. I kept everything that’s sinfully delicious about bread pudding, and added in a little tropical twist. I’m preeeetty predictable like that. Plus – remember that Coconut Caramel Sauce I made last week? Um, yea. Make it. And then spoon pour it onto the Hawaiian Bread Pudding. Tropical party in yo’ mouth. 

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