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4th of July Recipe Roundup

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Got any plans for the July 4th weekend? If you’re anything like me, the weekend is going to revolve around food, friends – and miraculously, sunshine. Looks like Oregon finally got the memo about summer. Here are some of the recipes I’ve bookmarked for our weekend parties. What are you cookin’? Continue reading


Patriotic Must-Haves

Patriotic Must-Haves

Get out your finest red, white, and blue gear, people! We’ve got Memorial Day AND 4th of July right around the corner. Which means, summa summa summa time is almost here too. Technically summer doesn’t start in Oregon until after the 4th of July – it’s just the way it is. Up until then we plan picnics and camping trips with a chance of rain. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

It’s important to remember what these holidays symbolize in the first place – and sometimes a few new party favors helps with the celebrations. So, whether you’re planning fireworks, a BBQ or simply a mellow 3-day weekend, I hope you have a very patriotic Memorial Day Weekend! Continue reading


Patriotic Cupcakes In-A-Jar

patriotic cupcakes in a jar

We have, like, 8 parties to attend during the 4th of July holiday this year. And it’s against my religion to show up to a party empty handed. Are you in the same boat? Don’t stress, I’ve got your back. These Patriotic Cupcakes In-A-Jar are the perfect make-ahead treat that are easy to transport from party to party.

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You maaaay have noticed that I’ve been slightly nutso for strawberries this season. It all started with the Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream Frosting. Not only were these cupcakes delicious, but I loved the natural pigment that came from the fruit. So next, I made Strawberry Donuts with Honey Bourbon Frosting – another delicious baked good. And clearly I haven’t filled my pink baking quota. As I thought about prepping for 4th of July, I couldn’t break away from my colorful baking spell. So what did I do? I made strawberry cupcakes in a jar topped with blueberries and fresh whipped cream. Red, white, blue, and oh so delicious.

red white blue cupcakes in a jar Continue reading