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Leprechaun Kiwi Drop

 I’m not a huge fan of green beer. Or whisky. So on St. Patrick’s Day, I opt into drinking my own green concoction. I call it the Leprechaun Kiwi Drop. It’s an Irish cocktail gone tropical. Ok, it’s actually not[…] Continue reading

Hawaiian Chex Mix

Hawaiian Chex Mix

No matter who you’re going to route for this Super Bowl, we can all agree on one thing: game day foods are tres important. It’s crucial to have the nourishment to sustain you for hours of screaming, and enough carbs[…] Continue reading


Crunchy Thai Lettuce Wraps

I’m over the winter. Can we pretend that it’s summer? And that we’re on vacation? I don’t know what it is about these thai lettuce wraps, but they take me there. You know where. That super fun, relaxing place where[…] Continue reading


Homemade Dog Treats with Peanut Butter, Banana + Parsley

I always judged those dog people. You know the ones. The owners who dress dogs up in sweaters. Carry them in designer bags. Treat them like children. I judged those people hard. But today, a friend pointed out that Lola[…] Continue reading


Savory Shrimp and Grits

The best part about condo living is having an abundance of friends within just a few feet. Literally.I don’t know how we lucked out to have such fabulous building mates. Sometimes I feel like I’m in an episode of Friends.[…] Continue reading

st patricks day brownies and/or mint chocolate chip smoothie and/or green marshmallows with baileys OR lucky charms rice crispie treats

Lucky Charms Treats

  One of my favorite things about food is that it can instantly transport you to a different place or time. When I drink a tropical cocktail, I can close my eyes and nearly feel the Hawaiian sunshine – even[…] Continue reading

Blood Orange Sangria

Blood Orange Sangria

Last night we attended “family dinner,” a potluck-style affair with a group of friends who are all Portland transplants. Over steaming bowls of Vegan Clam Chowder and a pitcher of Blood Orange Sangria, we sat around, sprawled out on couches[…] Continue reading

black bean and beer chili

Beer + Black Bean Chili

We’ve been on a crazy adventure these past few years to figure out Sam’s food allergies. We haven’t nailed it down completely, but we’ve gotten closer. For starters, he’s not gluten-intolerant after all. But it turns out he’s got some[…] Continue reading

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Sometimes I’m so eager to get food (specifically, sweets) out of my house that I bring them to work without thinking of the implications. Like the time I was asked to make the gender reveal cupcakes for a friend’s party[…] Continue reading


Thai Beef Salad

Years ago when Sam and I were first dating, we took a cooking class together. The class was Thai-food themed, and we learned all about the flavors of Thailand like lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and coconut milk. The class was[…] Continue reading