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How To Make Hawaiian Bread Pudding [LIVE]

You know what the hardest part of going on live TV is? Figuring out what to wear. When you’re on TV, there’s a long list of of wardrobe Do’s and Don’ts. Like, for starters, no black – which happens to be[…] Continue reading

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How to Make Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake [LIVE]

You haven’t lived until you’ve burned a recipe on national TV. Or so they say. Luckily, I can check that off my list. 

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How to make Banh Mi Sandwiches [LIVE]

Once a month, I get to take over the kitchen at AM Northwest, our local Portland morning show. This month’s segment was all about Easter leftovers, so naturally I had to share my recipe for Ham and Hard Boiled Egg[…] Continue reading

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How To Make Spicy Tuna Rolls [VIDEO]

Every month, I’m reminded how quickly 6 minutes can go by during my AM Northwest cooking segments. And yesterday’s segment was no different. I swear I’ve never made Spicy Tuna Rolls so fast! Thankfully I stepped onto set super-caffeinated, and[…] Continue reading

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How to Make Pineapple Cheesecake [VIDEO]

Remember how nervous I was before last month’s cooking segment on AM Northwest? Well, I must have done OK, but I was invited back to be a monthly guest. Ha, fooled ’em. I was back in the studio today, teaching[…] Continue reading

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Lettuce Wraps and my TV debut! [VIDEO]

I’m no stranger to the radio, but I had my first television appearance today. I didn’t fall on my face or say anything too ridiculous, so I consider it a major success!