What I love about motherhood.


I’m still getting used to the fact that I have a one-year-old. It feels like just yesterday that Kai came into our lives.

It’s no secret that he was a bit of a surprise. But what’s been the greatest surprise of all is just how much we love him.

I knew motherhood would have its moments of joy. But I didn’t realize how many moments a day this little person would bring joy. Pride. Laughter. Occasionally frustration. Many sleepless nights. But the smiles. Ohemgee, the smiles. They melt my heart. The way Kai studies my face and holds my hand while he nurses. The way he loves wrestling with daddy and hugging Lola. The special bond he has with my parents. Open-mouth kisses that leave a pool of drool on your cheek.

Kai turned one in April. And although this year hasn’t been easy, I’m so thankful for our little boy. He makes me love being a mommy.

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