Tropical Sunrise Smoothie

Let me tell you something that’s just plain crazy. And then I promise I’ll tell you all about this deliciousness in the picture (hellloooo tropical smoothie!).

tropical sunrise smoothie

I’ve been living with my parents for a year and a half now. Insert monkey-covering-his-eyes emoji here. If I were you, I’d totally be judging me right now.

I left for college when I was 18. And I truthfully never, ever thought I’d move back in. And certainly not in my 30s. If you remember, I was pretty hesitant to move back in with the parentals last year. But it made sense as a temporary solution until Sam finished out his term in Portland and made the move to Hawaii himself. We figured there was no use paying for two separate homes, especially considering how high rent is in Hawaii.

Although we didn’t expect to stay so long, I’m so glad we did. Between Sam struggling to find a job for the first few months he was here, to Kai’s hospital bills from his four (4!) hospital stays, living with my family turned out to be a huge support. In more ways than one. But now that we’re both dutifully employed – and we’re ready for Kai to have his own bedroom – we’re kicking off the next chapter in our lives. Last month we signed a lease on an apartment in Honolulu and moved in.

tropical sunrise smoothie with papaya mango coconut milk

We haven’t done a whole ‘lotta cooking since we’ve moved in… unloading boxes with a one year old is harder than it looks. But, we’ve unpacked our blender for our favorite breakfast of champions: a smoothie made with papaya, mango and coconut milk. We call it the Tropical Sunrise Smoothie because it’s a delicious way to start the day. Call it what you want, I highly suggest trying it yourself.

It’s relatively easy to find frozen papaya and mango if you don’t have access to fresh fruit. And it’ll work just as well. So bring on a sunny start to your day with this delicious Tropical Sunrise smoothie!


Tropical Sunrise Smoothie
Serves 2

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1 medium banana
1/2 papaya, skinned and de-seeded
2 cups frozen mango
1 cup coconut milk
1 T chia seeds


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