Gifts for Dog Lovers

dog birthday

In addition to celebrating the birth of Kai, April is also Lola’s birthday month. In the past I’ve gone all out (I’m talking homemade dog treats and all) – but this year we’ve had our hands full. Literally. Knowing that Lola would not be getting as much attention after Kai’s birth, we stalked up on dog treats and toys. Spoiled dog, I know. But she was an “only child” for 3 years – and we wanted to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Anyway – after all that prep work, I’m pleased to report that Lola has been super adaptive and gentle with our new addition. And the treats to reinforce each sweet moment certainly don’t hurt. I can’t tell you what a relief this is for us. I was really worried we’d be one of those couples that had kids and forgot about their furbaby. 

Although I didn’t make anything for Lola’s birthday this year, I still wanted to give her a big shout out for being such an awesome companion, snuggle buddy, and big sister to Kai. She won’t know it, but this roundup of items for dog lovers goes out to her. Happy birthday you furry goofball, you!

1) Pillow from Nordstrom, 2) Book ends from Target, 3) Apron from Etsy, 4) PJs from Kohls, 5) Box sign from Francescas, 6) Cookie cutter from Sur La Table, 7) Print from Pretty Fluffy, 8) Dog magnets from World Market, 9) Charms from Etsy, 10) Our favorite dog leash from PetProjekt, 11) Dish towel from Anthropologie.


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