Things To Do on Kauai: Babymoon Edition

kauai babymoon

We started planning a “babymoon” weekend (aka an excuse for a romantic getaway before baby arrives) a few months back . Despite the fact that most pregnancy resources suggest traveling in the second trimester, week 34 was literally our only available time to go – and, we figured it was always better late than never.

We decided to spend our babymoon on the island of Kauai. It’s a very quick plane ride from Oahu should anything happen. Plus, Sam had never been to the island. On our list of things to do: only about a billion different types of activities including driving around the island, hiking, and of course, plenty of good eats.

When it comes to baby planning, the best advice I’ve gotten can be boiled down to one word: adaptability. And we started the adaptability training the week of our trip, when we realized that it might be slightly different than planned. For starters, being 8+ months pregnant has finally caught up to me. I’m talking the waddle-walk, peeing every 22 minutes-type of catch up. And then there’s Sam, who caught a pretty mean virus right before we left. He actually ended up on antibiotics when we returned home. All in all, I knew we were in for a more mellow weekend than originally planned.

Still, we rallied as best as we could and had a really special weekend away. Although it’s certainly possible to squeeze more activities into 2-days on Kauai , we had the perfect balance of fun and relaxation.

Here are our recommendations for a 2-day trip to Kauai, babymoon-style. Click here for more pictures of the weekend!


Poipu – Whether you’re looking for an upscale hotel or a multi-bedroom condo to rent, the town of Poipu offers plenty of options. The beach at Poipu is family-friendly, and there’s also plenty of dining and shopping options in the area.


Red Salt – Located in the Koa Kea hotel in Poipu, Red Salt offers some nice andaffordable ala cart breakfast options, overlooking the beach. Or, splurge on the buffet!

Hamura’s Saimin – a local favorite in the town of Lihue. Hamura’s isn’t fancy, but it’s super satisfying. Make sure to order a side of BBQ meat along with your bowl of saimin!

Menehune Food Mart – stop here to pick up a variety of local snacks, including homemade manju.

Josselin’s Tapas Bar & Grill – this tapas bar in Poipu has some fun Hawaiian-fusion options, plus sangria bar (with virgin options!)

Merriman’s Fish House – choose from the fancy upstairs dining room or the more casual downstairs cafe. Either are great.


Friday night art walk in Hanapepe – meander along the street filled with live music, pop up food carts, craft booths and more. This was one of our favorites.

Kauai Farmers Market (Saturday morning at Kauai Community College) – fresh produce, crafts and more.

Koloa Rum Company tasting – for partner, of course. But, buy a bottle for post-baby celebrations!

Kauai Coffee Company Tour in Kalaheo – a fun and educational tour, even if you’ve temporarily given up on caffeine.

Poipu Beach – Kauai is know for being rainy, but the Poipu area (the south side of the island) is generally sunny and warm. So make sure to take advantage of the perfect weather with some beach time.

Drive to Hanalei – this adorable surf town is worth the trek, if you can manage to pull yourself away from the beach.


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