Cranberry Coconut Smoothie

cranberry coconut smoothie

Sam made me homemade ravioli on our 3rd date, and it pretty much sealed the deal. Gotta love a man that cooks, am I right? 

Even though we both love to spend time in the kitchen, we each have our culinary specialties. If we’re cooking any type of asian recipe, or a baked good, I own the kitchen. He has dibs on mexican food, pizza and pancakes. Before I moved away, this little arrangement worked out really well for us. But being apart for four months has left me really missing him…. and his mexican food, pizza, and pancakes. Oh, and don’t get me started on smoothies.

cranberry coconut smoothie

Sam is a blender rockstar, and was always in charge of anything milkshake / smoothie related. While I’ve been in Hawaii, I’ve taken a stab at re-creating some of his concoctions – and I swear they’re never as good. I realize that sounds silly, because smoothies are supposed to be one of the easiest things to make. Technically making a smoothie isn’t even cooking; it’s merely assembling ingredients and turning on a blender. But for whatever reason, they’re never Sam-quality. So I almost gave up on smoothies all together. 

But then, I got an email from my friends at Williams Sonoma, inviting me to participate in a “Smoothie Week” roundup. And gosh darn it, how do you say no to that? I pulled out my A-game, and whipped up a really delicious and nutritious smoothie that even Sam would approve of. And the best part? It’s not your typical smoothie. It’s holiday – meets – tropical, which is sorta a perfect description of my life these days. Plus, I love how the smoothie looks like red confetti when it’s all whipped together. Very inadvertently festive.

If you’ve got a fridge full of cranberries from all of your holiday baking, make sure to save a few cups for this lovely treat. And, happy holidays!

cranberry coconut smoothie


Cranberry Coconut Smoothie
Serves 2

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1/2 cup coconut milk
1 large banana
1 cup cranberries
2 T coconut flakes, divided
1 cup of ice
1 T honey

Add milk, banana, cranberries, 1 T coconut flakes and honey to blender. Blend until combined and the texture is as smooth as you desire. Pour smoothie evenly into two cups, and top with remaining coconut flakes. Enjoy!

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