Lola’s Big Move

hawaii dog quarantine

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in Hawaii for 3 and a half months now. It’s even harder to believe that our long, drawn-out move isn’t wrapped up yet. But – the end is near. With one month left of Sam’s fall term, we’re finally in the home stretch for getting him – and the contents of our house – here to Hawaii. In the meantime, we checked off a huge milestone in the transition last week: moving Lola!

After a tedious 3-month process, Lola passed her final step with Hawaii animal quarantine, allowing her to finally legally enter the state of Hawaii. And without wasting any time, she and Sam  hopped on a flight to make it official. Although Sam could only stay for the weekend, Lola is officially a Hawaii resident dog now.

I’m not sure if it’s the pregnancy  hormones or just some pent-up emotions from being separated for so long, but I literally *burst* into tears when they carried Lola out to us at the quarantine office in the Honolulu airport.  I missed that crazy pooch more than I could have ever imagined. Just call me a crazy dog lady, I own it. The poor thing was a little disoriented from the flight, the heat, and seeing me again after so long. But we took her home and spent the weekend getting her acquainted to Hawaii life. It didn’t take long for her to get in the island groove.

Sam and I also got to squeeze in some non-dog time before he flew out to Portland for the last time before moving to Hawaii officially next month (HOORAH!!). Here’s a peek at some of the fun from our weekend.

But first! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to take a moment to express gratitude for my friends, family, and readers. These last few months haven’t been easy, but it’s reassuring to feel so love and supported. I couldn’t have made it without you! Or at least, it wouldn’t have been as much fun. xo


iphone pics first glance 2

^^ First view of the beach in Hawaii!


lola paw

 ^^ Awkward car selfie… I was TRYING to show Lola’s paw, which she keeps putting on my belly. Does she know something’s growing in there, or does she think it’s just a nice resting perch? Undecided.


Acai Bowl^^ Sam and I made sure to stop for one our favorite cool treats: acai bowls.


Dim Sum Honolulu^^ We also had Dim Sum in Chinatown. This was just round one, fyi. It was a feast!


kailua beach

^^ Family time at Kailua Beach. Lola learned how to swim pretty quickly! 


koko head cafe^^ Last but not least, brunch at Koko Head Cafe – the new-ish eatery in Honolulu from chef Lee Anne Wong of the Cooking Channel. Clearly it didn’t disapoint.






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  1. Kathy


    So happy that Sam will be with you soon. I know that you have a few trials ahead , but remember that you are a strong and powerful woman. I admire you so..
    Best wishes to you, my dear. Love

    • Marisa


      Aw, thanks for the kind words Kathy! XOXO!

  2. Jennifer W.


    I wonder if I’ll have to be quarantined before they’ll let me visit you 🙂 So happy you’re reunited with Lola and soon, Sam!

    • Marisa


      Probably 😉 Thanks, Jennifer! And please come visit soon – I’d love that!


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