Two is cuter than one.


Sam tried to throw me a surprise going away party in Portland last month.

The planning was all going really well until he realized that he was actually going to be gone, at a conference in New Mexico. So after weeks of party planning and sneaking around, he spilled the beans right before he left on his trip. It was probably a good thing because I don’t love surprises. Naturally there’s one exception to that rule, which is the shock we experienced recently when we found Lola’s sister.

sister dogs

I’m slightly obsessed with our adorable pup, and learning that there was double the trouble was the highlight of my summer. Luckily we were able to squeeze in a play date for Lola and Maggie right before I left for Hawaii. And it couldn’t have been any more fun. Seriously, how hilarious are these two? I was sure they’d remember each other since they spent the first 4 months of their lives together, but I’m not totally sure they did. Regardless, they had lots in common: tennis balls, being chased by bigger dogs, laying froggy-style, and snuggles.

In addition to falling in love with Maggie, we also totally enjoyed meeting her family. Which is probably good. Because if they were jerks, I would have seriously considered putting Maggie in my purse when we left. Shhh…

dog park

sleepy puppies

But seriously. How adorable are these two? My heart is melting from Hawaii.

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