Baby’s First Birthday, Cowboy-style

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My family is split between Oahu and the Big Island. Although my new job brought me back to Oahu, I got to spend my first full weekend in Hawaii on the Big Island for my nephew’s first birthday party. In Hawaii, first birthdays are a big deal – and this one was no different. My sister invited about 100 guests of all ages to celebrate the cutest one-year-old I know. It was the ultimate cowboy-themed baby’s first luau. And before you start wondering how that combination came together, I’ll explain that my family lives up in the mountains, in an area that’s known  as paniolo (cowboy) country. See? Totally makes sense now.

Leading up to the party, we cooked an entire Hawaiian food spread. My brother-in-law dug an imu (an underground oven) in their backyard and roasted a pig and a turkey. We also had traditional poi, lomi lomi salmon, purple sweet potato, roasted corn, rice, smoked meat, salad, shoyu chicken and potato salad. It was a feast.

If you haven’t been to the islands before, then it’s worth mentioning it takes a mere 26 minutes to fly from Oahu to the Big Island. That’s why it’s often called “island hopping.” So although 2 days is never enough time with the little dude, it was a perfect weekend getaway.

I’m so proud of my little sister for pulling off such a fun party! Happy birthday, Jace!


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  1. This looks fantastic, what a great looking party and people!

    • Marisa


      Thanks Pech!


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