How To Make Hawaiian Bread Pudding [LIVE]

terramere jewelryYou know what the hardest part of going on live TV is? Figuring out what to wear.

When you’re on TV, there’s a long list of of wardrobe Do’s and Don’ts. Like, for starters, no black – which happens to be about 99.8% of my wardrobe. White is also off limits, as is patterned materials. And the Do’s? Bright colors and eye-catching jewelry. So, I was really excited to partner with jewelry designer Terramere for my latest segment. The necklace and earring set I sported was so gorgeous that I knew it would do the talking. And can you blame me? Bling, bling! From pearls to precious stones, Terramere has a huge variety of beautiful and unique jewelry, all handmade by the talented Teri Nowak.

am northwest

As far as delectable but simple-to-make dessert recipes go, my Hawaiian Bread Pudding recipe is up there with the best of them. I think it’s pretty fool proof, with just two simple steps to make it all come together. But just in case there’s any confusion, I’ve gone ahead and walked you through the steps on my latest TV segment. Check it out for yourself!




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