White Russian Cocktails

white russian cocktail recipe

Let’s talk about cocktails. Because, you know that I love margaritas. But – there are other beverages I love, too. In my mind, cocktails fall into different categories. Like, for instance, rainy day cocktails (Margaritas!), summer cocktails (Sangria and Lava Flows!), winter cocktails (Spiked Hot Chocolate!) and night cap cocktails – like this classic White Russian recipe. White Russians are creamy and comforting, and there’s a good reason that this standard cocktail recipe has remained one of the most common cocktails around.

The key ingredient to a good White Russian is Kahlua. This coffee-flavored rum liquor is a staple in our household. It has a lot of versatility for cold and hot cocktails, as well as baking. And, it’s simply delicious. 

This recipe is easily adaptable for you non-milk drinkers, too. Believe me, it’s just as good with soy milk. Almond milk. And hemp milk. Tried and tested, just for you. Sometimes being a food blogger is rough. xo

White Russian Cocktail Recipe

White Russian Cocktail Recipe

White Russian Cocktail
Serves 1

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1.5 oz vodka
1.5 oz Kahlua
1/2 cup milk

Mix vodka and Kahlua in a small glass. Add ice and top with milk. Enjoy!

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