Margaritas In The Rain

big island beach

^^ One of my all time favorite beaches in Hawaii ^^

I often get questions about the origin of “Margaritas In The Rain.”

I’ve been asked if I’m a margarita connoisseur; a tequila maker; and even a Jimmy Buffet groupie. The answer to all three questions is, quite simply, no. But, story of this blog is probably a few years overdue. 

You already know that I grew up in Hawaii, bouncing back and forth between Oahu and the Big Island. I moved to Portland in my early twenties with grand notions of adventures in winter coats. Turns out, my dreams were not reality. At least, not right away. Moving to a new city all alone was tough! In my first year, I experienced a devastating breakup, an abusive boss, and worst of all, heating bills. I second-guessed my decision more than once. But, due to persistence or maybe fear, I kept at it – determined to find a home in Portland.

It took me several years to find a groove. But, over time I started making friends, moved from the suburbs into the heart of the city where I felt more connected, started volunteering at several worthy nonprofits around the city, met Sam and fell in love, and eventually, sort of figured out which way was north.

at the bar

^^ Sam and I circa 2008^^

As you’ve probably heard, Portland is a foodie town. So, it may not surprise you that my new social life revolved around the local restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. It was a great way to discover local eateries, neighborhoods and cuisine. Around the same time, I discovered the amazingness that is a real margarita (not the cheap-tequila-plus-frozen-margarita-mix that you I drank in college).

There was something about fresh margaritas in the middle of winter that made me feel, well, good. Looking back, it may have just been the tequila. But at the time, it seemed like something bigger. I learned that, even on the grayest of days, when the sun couldn’t be found, there were things I could do to take happiness into my own hands. Like, go to a concert with Sam. Get pedicures with my girlfriends. Or, have a piece of paradise via a tropical cocktail. Fake it ’til you make it, right?

When I came to this epiphany, Sam (who was just my boyfriend at the time), encouraged me to document my food and drink adventures. Margaritas In The Rain seemed like an obvious name choice. It speaks to the fact that life can be tough – but that there’s always a silver lining.

When life throws you lemons in the pouring rain, make margaritas! I promise, it helps.

margaritas in the rain

^^My original logo and blog header circa 2010^^

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