aloha friday

aloha friday

Spring is one of my all-time favorite seasons in Portland, despite the totally schizophrenic weather. It can literally be hailing one minute, and completely sunny the next. And the weather man is always wrong – in fact, it’s almost comical. But, honestly, I don’t mind any of it. Spring marks the city coming back to life. Trees are filling out again; restaurants have started setting up their outside seating; and frankly, even just 5 minutes of sunshine fills my vitamin D quota. We’ve taken advantage of some of the pockets of sun by going on walks with Lola and catching patio happy hours. Life is good.

Still – Friday couldn’t have come soon enough. Here’s some funnies to get you through the day. 


Need a Friday laugh? Look no further. Sometimes I really wonder about people!

Morgan Freeman on helium. That is all. 

I’ll admit that I’m a total daddy’s girl, but I love seeing this dad and daughter video

And last but not least, it’s always fun to make fun of Portland.  So I give you: The 28 Most Portland Things That Have Ever Happened

Kitties and duckies and Scottish accents, oh my! I can’t even handle this.

This time three years ago I was finally starting to learn how to entertain. And I was pretty proud of myself. 

Two years ago this week I shared one of my favorite family recipes: Grandma’s Crispy Oatmeal Cookies. These are tried and true, and the only way to top them is to add a glass of milk. It’s pure perfection.

This time last year I made 2 killer recipes that are still in our kitchen rotation: Melting Hot Chocolate Souffles and delicious Scallop Ceviche. Not together, obviously.

Happy Friday!


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