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cherry blossomfarmers market

^^I love you, Spring! It doesn’t get more beautiful than the whole city returning to life – from longer days, Cherry Blossom trees, and the opening of the Portland Farmer’s Market. It’s a season of hope.^^

sand diego sunset

^^An insanely gorgeous waterfront view from my hotel in San Diego last week. Somehow I scored a corner room with two whole walls of windows looking out onto the beautiful San Diego waterfront. I spent most of my trip in conference rooms, but I enjoyed watching the sunrise each morning!^^

iphone breakfast final!.jpg

^^My favorite part of traveling… breakfast in bed! It’s a total guilty pleasure.^^ 

miss you

^^My second favorite part of traveling? Coming home to my lil’ family and signs like this.^^

am northwest ^^Behind the scenes pics from my last AM Northwest TV segment. I get to choose which color apron matches my outfit best. It’s the little things.^^

puppy snuggles

^^These two are ridiculously cute in the morning. Sometimes Lola lays right on top of us, and I swear she’s hoping it’ll keep us from getting up.^

life in iphone 1.jpg

^^The most amazing kale and beet salad. I’ve been dreaming about this meal.^^  

What have you been up to?

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