Aloha Friday

aloha friday

It’s time for another Aloha Friday post. But first, I had to share a photo from a mini vacation we took last weekend. We stayed in a quaint cabin in Washington and spent 2 days looking out at this view. I wish we were still there. It wasn’t warm or sunny, but it sure was a magical spot.

Anyway, have I mentioned that this guy totally stole my idea? Maybe I’ll try something similar on my next TV segment!

It’s a little twisted, but I can’t get enough of celebrities without teeth. What is wrong with me?! Don’t answer that.

This may be the luckiest kid on earth. 

You know I’m not a huge believer in wacky diets. But I finally found a cleanse I can get behind.

Chipotle guacamole shortage? Nooooooo!

Have you taken the egg personality test? It sounds lame, but the description for sunny-side up describes me. Like, exactly. 

If you’re in the Portland-area, don’t miss Portland Dining  Month – on now. As if we need an excuse to eat out. But seriously.

This week last year, I was busy making Coconut Banana Bread Scones with Lime Glaze. Yum.

And two years ago at this time, I was busy relaunching the site!

And with that, have a great weekend gang!

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