Aloha Friday

Napua Hawaii

I’m starting a new weekly column I call Aloha Friday – so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss ’em.

Here’s the deal. Between my day job and my blogging, I spend waaay too much time online each day. So naturally I see some really awesome stuff (and lots of really strange stuff, too).

Aloha Friday is all about saying aloha (goodbye) to the week, and aloha (hello) to the weekend. So let’s kick it off with a glimpse at the best of the internet lately.

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The photo above was taken at one of my fave places on earth: our wedding site, on the Big Island of Hawaii. But most of the country doesn’t look quite that sunny right now. Are you a fan of winter weather? This little guy sure is

This is not a dream. 

A good reminder to strive for balance… something admittedly I struggle with (she says as she types a blog post at one in the morning). 

Is this a real thing? I want it. Pints should not be shared. It’s in the Constitution.  

Flashback to childhood in the 80s. It wasn’t that long ago, was it? 

I’m anti-chatskis, but I do keep one of these on my desk at work. And it makes me happy. 

Wanna join me for brunch this weekend? Awesome! Would you mind bringing a donut cake?

This time last year, I was going a little crazy over goat cheese.

Two years ago, I finally got around to sharing my wedding pictures.

And three years ago this week, I was sharing my engagement story. All together now: awwwwwww!

Have a great weekend! 

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