Seattle Dining Series: Serious Pie

serious pie downtown seattle

With the International Food Bloggers Conference just 1 month away, I’m excited to share the next post in my Seattle Dining Series. I’ve already told you about several Seattle restaurants including Spanish-inspired Ocho, French-Americana-inspired RN74, and now I’m excited to tell you all about Serious Pie.

If you are serious about pizza, Serious Pie is a must-stop in Seattle. And luckily, they have a location in downtown Seattle for all you visitors staying without a car.

serious pie downtown seattle

I used to love thick crust pizzas, but my appreciation for thin, wood fired oven pizzas has recently grown. Serious Pie makes pizzas for everyone, from the picky-eater (traditional cheese or pepperoni) to more adventourous eaters like the Roasted Seasonal Mushrooms with Truffle Cheese pizza. They also offer beautiful soups, salads and veggies to offset your carbo loading.

serious pie downtown seattleserious pie downtown seattle

I visited Serious Pie with a large group of people – including several kids – and I can tell you that the staff couldn’t have been more patient or accommodating. Further, when we had sufficiently eaten our hearts out, the manager sent out their dessert menu for us to sample. Knowing I’d likely have to unbutton my pants once we got back to the car, I dove in to sample even more of the menu.

serious pie downtown seattle

Serious Pie Cannolli

It was all delicious. Make sure to check it out while you’re in Seattle.

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