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Lindemans Frambroise beer float

We spent Saturday night making ice cream floats. But not just any old floats. BEER ice cream floats! Who would have thought you could make something so delicious – and messy – with two ingredients?

Rogue Chocolate Stout and Coffee Ice Cream Float

Here’s the thing. Sam and I don’t see eye-to-eye on everything. Like…. what to watch on Thursday nights (30 Rock vs. Grays Anatomy), how to use our spending money (pedicures vs. DVDs), where to eat on date nights (sushi vs. tacos)… and now, which beer float flavor is better: Lindemans Frambroise (raspberry) with Vanilla Ice Cream, or Rogue Chocolate Stout with Coffee Ice Cream.

Beer floats

You can’t go wrong with a raspberries and cream boozy, creamy concoction.

Lindemans Frambroise beer float

But then again, chocolate and coffee is also a killer combination.

Rogue Chocolate Stout and Coffee Ice Cream Float

Can you guess which one is mine vs. his?[The pink one is mine.]But in reality, both float varieties are pretty killer. And a dessert this good – and this easy – deserves to be shared. So take your pick, or share one of each, like we do.

Lindemans Frambroise beer float
Beer Floats | Raspberry Ale + Vanilla Ice Cream and/or Chocolate Stout and Coffee Ice Cream
Serves 2

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20 oz bottle of beer (Framboise Ale, Chocolate Stout or other)
4 scoops ice cream (Vanilla, Chocolate or other)

Place 2 scoops of ice cream in each cup. Fill cup with beer. Enjoy while cold and foamy!

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