Light Frozen Lime Yogurt Pie

Light Frozen Lime Yogurt Pie

Is anyone else stuffed?

I really overdid it this season. I started at Thanksgiving and didn’t look back. From cocktails to cakes, I thoroughly enjoyed the holidays. But, it’s time to start the New Year smarter.  So – let’s lighten things up, shall we?

Light Frozen Lime Yogurt Pie

I don’t think there’s ANYTHING wrong with having a sweet tooth. These light and healthy lime pies satisfy even the meanest dessert craving. They’re sorta like ice cream cake – but made with yogurt. And pie crust. And… well, maybe that was a bad comparison.

Let’s just say, it’s the perfect post-holiday dessert.

As a side note, I typically prefer to make graham cracker crust from scratch ­– but couldn’t resist the ease of these pre-maid mini crusts I found at the supermarket. If you can’t find them in your local grocery store, simply buy a box of graham cracker crumbs and follow the instructions on the back of a box.

Happy Holidays!

Light Frozen Lime Yogurt Pie
Light Frozen Lime Yogurt Pie
Serves 4

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2 cups of lime yogurt (2 6 oz cups)
8 oz carton, heavy whipping cream
2 limes
4 mini graham cracker pie crusts

Fill mini graham cracker crusts with ½ cup yogurt each. Wrap pies in plastic wrap and freeze at least 3 hours, until semi-frozen. If frozen too long, leave on the counter to defrost for several minutes so yogurt is not rock hard when you’re ready to serve. In the meantime, whip the cream in large bowl with a until it peaks. Add 1 T sugar if desired – I opted to leave out in the interest of having a lighter dessert. Pipe onto pies. Zest lime onto whipped cream. Enjoy while semi-frozen.

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