Chorizo Whole Wheat Pizza

Chorizo Navarre Whole Wheat Pizza

I don’t know about you, but in my household, there are his and hers appliances.

I “own” the rice cooker and the fancy wine-bottle opener we received as a wedding gift.

Sam is master of the waffle maker and bread machine. I’ve seriously never touched either one, except for cleaning purposes. Thankfully, he puts both appliances to work. The bread machine has been used for everything from sandwich bread to cinnamon rolls. But it’s most commonly to make dough for our weekly pizza nights.

Chorizo Navarre Whole Wheat Pizza

Like many staples, we have the ingredients for both whole wheat pizza dough and the toppings at all times. The beauty of having go-to dishes is the comfort of knowing how to make something well, and not having to pull out a recipe or hunt down ingredients.

But, it’s fun to mix things up, too.

We had purchased a roll of Chorizo Navarre from Olympic Provisions a few weeks back, and we were looking for a creative way to put it to good use.

Chorizo Navarre Whole Wheat Pizza

I had never had Chorizo before I met Sam. He grew up eating Mexican-style Chorizo, which is basically a heavily-spiced ground pork. We use it in egg scrambles and tacos occasionally.

The Chorizo Navarre we bought was actually a Spanish-style Chorizo, meaning that the meat was dried and cured, charcuterie-style. It’s commonly sliced and eaten on its own or with other tapas. But we decided to do something wild.

After topping our pizza with real mozzarella and fresh basil, we swapped the chorizo for our normal turkey pepperoni.

And hoooooley cow. Let me tell you. The hot melty cheese, mixed with the rich, semi-spicy chorizo was pure genius. If I do say so myself. The chorizo changed the flavor of the whole pizza. In such a good way.

Chorizo Navarre Whole Wheat Pizza

What are your favorite creative pizza toppings?

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  1. Jenni


    Look at that gorgeous pizza! I’m not a meat-eater but even I can see how lovely and real that chorizo looks. Nicely done. Also, your photography is beautiful – the photos of the cutting board are fantastic. And as for interesting toppings? We’re pretty standard around here. But I’m on a chimichurri kick (yes, without the meat) so next time I’ll spice it up with that.

    • Jenni – thanks for the kind words. I should mention that my husband had been a vegetarian for about 5 years before he met me! It’s not like I FORCE him to eat meat or anything.. 😉 I will say that we often buy the vegetarian (Mexican-style) chorizo. Not sure if you’ve tried it, but it has great flavor. I look forward to hearing more about these chimichurris!


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