Honeymoon Part One – London

On our recent honeymoon, we flew from Portland to London (with a few stops in between). 

Sam was really nervous about the flight, which in turn made me really anxious. Fifteen (or more) hours flying up in the clouds seemed a little daunting. All I can say is, thank GOD for international flights that serve free wine and beer, and almost more importantly, for providing video players on the back of each chair. 

Sam watched dude movies, uninterrupted, for the entire flight. I swear I didn’t hear a peep from him. He was in heaven. And I quite enjoyed three back-to-back chick flicks without running commentary. Normally Sam is king of the spoiler alerts.

We were a little jet-lagged the first few days in London, but tried to power through it. I mean, we were in London. On our honeymoon. Things weren’t that rough.


From the Camden Market to the Tate Museum, we had a great time exploring the city. And although it would be a blast to see The Olympics live, we were thankful to leave right before the chaos officially began.


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