Rhubarb Roundup

I’m a sucker for all things seasonal. Fresh, locally-grown berries and tomatoes taste so real compared to their counterparts found in the grocery store, grown out of season and shipped in from Timbuktu. We’re currently in the middle of rhubarb season, and naturally I’ve come home from the farmer’s market with stalks and stalks of rhubarb.
My go-to rhubarb dish is pie, but this season, I’m looking to spice it up. Let’s just say that Sam is a little bit sick of it. So, in the interest of being a good wife and not driving my husband into rhubarb madness, I’ve collected a roundup of delicious-looking rhubarb recipes to help our marriage survive the Spring.
Do you have a tried-and-true rhubarb recipe? I’d love to hear it!

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