Our Gift To You: PDX Dining Recommendations

I spent Thanksgiving weekend with some of my dearest relatives in Seattle. Somewhere in between family gossip and a Thanksgiving dinner comma, I learned that I‘m, like, 100% Jewish. It’s great news because I’ve always wanted to plan a Christmakah party. Plus, I love holidays and frankly, the more the merrier. So, in the spirit of holiday cheer and giving, I wanted to share a list of all my favorite dining spots around town (and Sam’s too!). I hope you’ll reciprocate and share some of your favorites as well.

Q. Favorite splurge restaurant?
A. Marisa: Tie between Andina and Paleys Place 
    Sam: Le Pigeon, Autentica

Q. Favorite date night?
A. Marisa + Sam: Farm Café, hands down (we had our first date here, and clearly that worked out pretty well)

Q. Best breakfast spot?

Q. Most scrumptious margaritas?
A. Marisa: So many great ones here in town! Oba, Trebol, Cha Taquera
    Sam: Casa del Matador

Q. Most frequented spots?

Q. Best spot for yummy drinks?
A. Marisa: Margaritas, duh. Scroll back up two questions!
    Sam: Pope House, Produce Row

Q. Coolest place to take out-of-town guests?

Q. On the “must try list”?
    Sam: Foster Burger, Ping

Q. Favorite happy hour spots?
A. Marisa: Serratos, Oba, Saucebox
    Sam: Casa del Matador

Q. Most recent foodie discovery?
A. Marisa + Sam: Taqueria Los Gorditos, Biwa

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