Pitcher Obsessed

In many ways, I have a one-track mind. It’s not that I can’t multi-task (I’m female, it’s kind of a given), but when I get into something, I get really into it. I’ve been known to play a song on repeat for hours. And before I painted my condo, paint chips were all I talked about. Seriously. Just ask my poor friends. On top of that I visited every paint store in town on a weekly basis for months to compare my options. Okay it was actually a year and a half, but who’s counting…

Where am I going with this? Well, I wanted to share one of my latest margarita-infused obsessions: pitchers (ahem, not baseball players – don’t even go there)! I can’t stop looking at pitchers everywhere I go, from grocery stores to garage sales. They are so versatile, and a fun way to add some personality to your kitchen – or just about any room in your house. It’s lucky we are literally out of kitchen cabinet space otherwise it could be a dangerous obsession. 
Sam always makes fun of me for being able to justify anything that I want. That said, here are some of my justifications for needing a new cute pitcher(s!):


1. Margaritas. Enough said.
2. Orange juice from a carton + cute pitcher = fresh squeezed orange juice! Right?
3. An adorable pitcher makes a perfect vase for fresh flowers (hint, hint).
4. Once the flowers die, that same adorable pitcher can hold kitchen utensils. Cute AND functional!
So now you see why pitchers are on my mind. Here’s a couple on my wish list:
{Vintage Margarita Set, $49 at Macys}


{Strawberry-Shaped Ceramic Pitcher, $19.95 at Sur La Table}
{Confetti Barware Collection, $16.99 at Cost Plus World Market}
{Spotlight-of-Milk Pitcher, $38 at Anthropologie}
{Bobby Flay Pitcher, $29 at Kohls}
{Pitcher, $16.95 at Crate & Barrel}
{Glass Pitcher, $34.99 at Amazon.com}


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