Easy Mango Icebox Cake

easy mango icebox cake

Have I mentioned that we took a trip to Portland last week? Because, I was just a LITTLE bit excited leading up to it. I’ve officially been a Hawaii resident for 2 years, and I haven’t returned to Portland once in that time. Needless to say, I had a long list of people, places, and things to see during our short trip back. It was a whirlwind for sure.  Continue reading


Kai’s First Birthday Party

camping themed birthday party

And just like that, Kai turned one.

First birthday parties in Hawaii are a big deal, so naturally we threw a huge party for our friends and family. Somewhere along the lines we decided on a camping-themed party, and went all-out making decorations (most of which we never got photos of during the party, whoops!). We served chili and cornbread, smore’s mix, and of course, cake! Continue reading


What I love about motherhood.

I’m still getting used to the fact that I have a one-year-old. It feels like just yesterday that Kai came into our lives. It’s no secret that he was a bit of a surprise. But what’s been the greatest surprise of[…] Continue reading

heavenly living room concepts

Decorating with Havenly

It took me, like, 7 years to decide on paint colors for our last apartment. Needless to say, I can be a little indecisive when it comes to home decorating. Problem is, I like so many design types. Girly, rocker,[…] Continue reading

tropical sunrise smoothie with papaya mango coconut milk

Tropical Sunrise Smoothie

Let me tell you something that’s just plain crazy. And then I promise I’ll tell you all about this deliciousness in the picture (hellloooo tropical smoothie!). I’ve been living with my parents for a year and a half now. Insert monkey-covering-his-eyes emoji[…] Continue reading

3-6 months baby essentials

Baby Essentials: 3-6 months

I know it’s totally cliche, but I can’t believe how quickly Kai is growing up. He’s now 11 months (yup, E L E V E N), and it’s somewhat mind-blowing to think that we’ll have a walking, talking one-year old shortly. Eek![…] Continue reading

watermelon margaritas

Margarita Recipe Roundup

In case you missed the memo, I LOVE MARGARITAS. You, too? Good. Because it’s almost #NationalMargaritaDay, which means margarita calories don’t count. Last year I wasn’t able to partake so this year I’m not wasting any time. I’ve rounded up some of[…] Continue reading

Hawaiian Vanilla Company

Hawaiian Vanilla Company

Hawaii offers a plethora of activity tours, from zip-lining to shark diving (and everything in between). If you look slightly off the beaten-tourist-path, you’ll find one that’s even more exciting: the Hawaiian Vanilla Company, located up in the secluded town of Paauilo of[…] Continue reading

kailua beach family photoshoot

Holiday photoshoot at the beach

Although my full-time job and momma duties have kept me away from blogging as much as I’d like, we did manage to squeeze some time in for a family holiday photoshoot a few weeks back. Believe it or not, this[…] Continue reading

gdiapers aloha

Diaper talk

It was a HOT summer and early fall, so naturally Kai has been hanging out in his diapers quite a bit. And inevitably, I’ve posted some pictures of him in this state, which has prompted a lot of questions about our diapering choices. So for[…] Continue reading