Gender Reveal! It’s a …

Hawaii Gender Reveal

Confession time. We’ve known the gender of our little one for over a month now. I know – I’ve been holding out on you! As much as I couldn’t wait to share the good news, I was consumed with a few other things. Like, Sam finally moving to Hawaii. Christmas and the craziness that the holiday brings. And starting the process of planning for this little peanut. Turns out we kicked it off a little late, and now we’re playing catch up. 

Anywho, despite the fact that I was 110% sure this little nugget was a girl, the doctor confirmed that she is definitely a he. So we’re welcoming a little dude this Spring! Oh boy. Here comes trouble!

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Festive Mocktails

mocktail recipe roundup

Okay you guys. I’d be lying if I said I was really excited to be the sober one this new year’s eve. It’s not that I’m a heavy drinker, but it’s no secret that I love a cocktail or two on festive occasions.

Although I’m no expert at making virgin cocktails (“mocktails”), there are many other fine folks who are. Because, a girl can pretend, right? Without further ado, if you’re the designated driver like I am tonight, give one of these recipes a whirl so you won’t feel left out. 

Whether you’re going big tonight or staying home, I wish you the happiest and healthiest of years ahead.

HAPPY 2015!

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best of the blog 2014

Recipe Roundup 2014 {best of the blog}

Like most years, this one was full of highs and lows, all kinda blurred together. Like, finding out about our pregnancy – that was an emotional roller coaster. And moving to Hawaii. It was such an exciting job opportunity, and of course the[…] Continue reading

cranberry coconut smoothie

Cranberry Coconut Smoothie

Sam made me homemade ravioli on our 3rd date, and it pretty much sealed the deal. Gotta love a man that cooks, am I right?  Even though we both love to spend time in the kitchen, we each have our[…] Continue reading

no bake energy bites

Katie’s Raw Energy Bites

As you might imagine, there are a lot of truly magical things about living in Hawaii. The traffic is not one of them. Especially this time of year. It’s like the holidays come around and everyone decides to drive like maniacs. Man oh[…] Continue reading

hawaii dog quarantine

Lola’s Big Move

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in Hawaii for 3 and a half months now. It’s even harder to believe that our long, drawn-out move isn’t wrapped up yet. But – the end is near. With one month left of[…] Continue reading

pumpkin butter mochi

Pumpkin Butter Mochi

After my pumpkin-season rant last week, I’m suuuper excited to share some good news: I found the queen of pumpkin recipes. As in, the end-all-be-all, look no further-type recipe: Pumpkin Butter Mochi. It’s deliciously pumpkin.  With a twist. 

frozen greek yogurt pumpkin pie

Frozen Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Pie

In case you’ve been stuck under a rock – or, on a rock, in my case, it’s officially pumpkin season. And even though I get caught up in the excitement every year when the season rolls around, I’m always a little cautiously[…] Continue reading

coconut milk bubble tea

Coconut Milk Bubble Tea

Often times, Hawaii is slow to catch up on trends. But one thing they’ve totally got the rest of y’all beat on is bubble tea. It seems like there are a million bubble tea shops in Hawaii, and they serve all[…] Continue reading

Things to eat in Portland

Headed to Portland? Eat here.

Now that the news is out, there’s one question I’m getting left and right: DO YOU HAVE ANY CRAVINGS? Honestly, this cracks me up, folks. I’m not sure what everyone’s expecting… pickles and ice cream? Sorry to disappoint, but there’s none[…] Continue reading