Fresh Rhubarb, Strawberry & Ginger Scones

Fresh Rhubarb Strawberry Ginger Scones

In the midst of packing, I had a rhubarb-induced panic attack. As in, oh my god I just remembered Rhubarb doesn’t grow in Hawaii- based hysteria. It wasn’t a problem growing up because I had no idea was I was missing. Now that I’ve been enlightened, I’m not quite sure how I’m going to cope with the loss when I move to Hawaii in 2 weeks. Naturally I’ve gone into rhubarb-everything mode and stocked up at the farmer’s market this weekend. Is it possible to have too much rhubarb in the fridge? Definitely not. Especially when it comes to these Fresh Rhubarb, Strawberry and Ginger Scones. Continue reading


Mai Tais

Mai Tai recipe

Since my big announcement about moving back to Hawaii, I’ve been packing like a madwoman. My goal is 2 boxes a day, which might not sound like much, but you guys, I’m tired when I get home from work. All I want to do is have a glass of wine and watch some Gossip Girl on Netflix. Plus, I’m already getting sentimental about leaving. And packing doesn’t help.  Continue reading

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Big announcement!

I’m at that stage in my life where big news usually has to do with pregnancies and babies. So I’m going to squash that rumor right now and confirm that that’s not at all what I’m talking about. Any other guesses?

aloha friday

aloha friday

Aaaaaaloha and TGIF! Now that summer’s in full swing, I’ve been trying to spend less time in front of the computer, and more time outdoors. Problem is, there are so many fun summer ideas on Pinterest, that it’s hard to[...] Continue reading

coconut guava popsicles

Coconut Guava Popsicles

Since we don’t have family in the area, we rarely get drop-by visitors. But we were in for a huge surprise this weekend when Sam’s sister, brother-in-law and nephew drove up from California and showed up at our doorstep Thursday afternoon. Sam[...] Continue reading

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4th of July Recipe Roundup

Got any plans for the July 4th weekend? If you’re anything like me, the weekend is going to revolve around food, friends – and miraculously, sunshine. Looks like Oregon finally got the memo about summer. Here are some of the[...] Continue reading

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Southern Hospitality + Fried Chicken.

I consider myself fairly well traveled outside of the US. Ironically enough though, I haven’t spent much time traveling within the states. Growing up on an island means that road trips weren’t so easy. So, I was excited to get the[...] Continue reading

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How To Make Hawaiian Bread Pudding [LIVE]

You know what the hardest part of going on live TV is? Figuring out what to wear. When you’re on TV, there’s a long list of of wardrobe Do’s and Don’ts. Like, for starters, no black – which happens to be[...] Continue reading

hawaiian bread pudding

Hawaiian Bread Pudding with Coconut Caramel Sauce

Sunday night was “College Night” at the bar across from my college campus. After 10pm, students were given 50% off, and you’d better believe that it was always packed. While my fellow 21-and-olders were in it for half priced mixed[...] Continue reading

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Finding Maggie.

The craziest thing happened this weekend. We found Lola’s sister.  What are the odds of that? And at a surprise birthday party for one of our neighbors, no less. The party was held at a park near our house, and[...] Continue reading